About the Author Tim (All I Got is HOPE) Bargar

My name is Tim Bargar (not Tebow, though you will laugh at me but not because of my throwing motion) I am a 41 year old man that loves God, family, friends, and so much more. I have the greatest wife a man could ask for. 3 boys who are so adorable, loving and a little rambunctious :o). A 20yr old daughter away at college. I am a truly blessed and grateful man. I have so many things that remind me how wonderful life is. I do have a teeny tiny, itsy bitsy challenge…. I have ALS. Don’t know how I got it. Maybe I ate some bad fish or fell and scrapped my knee, whatever the reason I have it. Now how do I deal with it? Shake my fist at the Lord, screaming “Why me?” Nope! Oh I know, sit in my wheelchair crying and staring out the window? Nope! Hmmm …….. How about accept the daily changes, live every second to the max, be loved and love family and friends like no other, tell everyone that will listen about this dreadful disease to raise awareness, and HOPE that one day there will be a cure? YES! That’s what I will do. Now don’t think for a New York minute that I haven’t done the others. I’m human. But after all of the fist shaking and crying, I realized that this isn’t just about me, it’s about the other 30,000 PALS (person with ALS), their family and friends, and most of all my children who now have a 50%  chance of inheriting this godforsaken monster of a disease. Tomorrow brings HOPE; cause without HOPE there is NO TOMORROW. Please join me and my fellow PALS on our quest to raise awareness and HOPE for a cure. “Dum spiro, spero”


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